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Sr. No. Title Document
71 Personal cooling garment system application/pdf(9.23 KB)
72 Plant's extracts as replacement of fetal calf serum or Blood or Blood products free media for propagation of Leishmania parasites. application/pdf(142.93 KB)
73 Probes and primers for identification of Mycobacterial protein useful as potential drug targets application/pdf(23.05 KB)
74 Rare earth activated phosphor compounds and the process of preparation of phosphors there of application/pdf(27.64 KB)
75 Real-time RT-PCR Kit for Diagnosis of Kyasanur forest disease application/pdf(94.06 KB)
76 Rota Virus Antigen capture ELISA application/pdf(23.07 KB)
77 Species specific PCR assay for detection of L. donovani in clinical samples. application/pdf(8.75 KB)
78 Superior and simple method to isolate very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) without the Use of Flow Cytometry application/pdf(25.07 KB)
79 Test/ Reagents for lung fluke useful for differential diagnosis from lung TB application/pdf(8.71 KB)
80 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard for Physically Handicapped. application/pdf(24.58 KB)


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