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Sr. No. Title Document
61 Monoclonal antibody for the detection of P.vivax application/pdf(21.53 KB)
62 Multiplex real time PCR testing kit for the simultaneous detection of hepatitis virus application/pdf(148.31 KB)
63 Multiplex real time RT-PCR for Dengue and Chikungunya viruses application/pdf(25.17 KB)
64 Nano-engineered biodegradable polymer-composite for bone soft tissue fixation application/pdf(129.82 KB)
65 Nested RT-PCR Kit for Diagnosis of Kyasanur forest disease application/pdf(93.36 KB)
66 Neuro-Drill-Stencil-Trainer. application/pdf(100.52 KB)
67 Novel Immunogenic Antigens of Shigella. application/pdf(31.12 KB)
68 Novel noninvasive method for diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis of sputum samples. application/pdf(10.52 KB)
69 Novel Primers for a PCR-RFLP assay for identification of species-specific pathogenic Mycobacterium. application/pdf(115.6 KB)
70 Novel Technology for Testing Water for Presence of Water-borne Viruses application/pdf(93.37 KB)


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