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Sr. No. Title Document
21 A Novel Fumigation technique for antibacterial action application/pdf(119.05 KB)
22 A novel molecular diagnostic technique for detecting different species of Plasmodium application/pdf(95.41 KB)
23 A novel Salmonella Typhi protein as subunit vaccine application/pdf(26.84 KB)
24 A PCR method for the detection of Chlamydia trachomatis application/pdf(186.26 KB)
25 A process for preparation of Holey/ Lacey films application/pdf(1.08 MB)
26 A Thermoluminescent dosimeter by co-doping with Mn for measurement of low radiation doses application/pdf(229.54 KB)
27 Albuminated Curcumin for application in cancer therapy. application/pdf(156.72 KB)
28 An anti-filarial composition application/pdf(25.5 KB)
29 An assay for detection of nucleotide substitutions in genomes of sabin oral poliovirus vaccine viruses. application/pdf(8.13 KB)
30 An herbal hypoglycemic compound for controlling diabetes. application/pdf(134.14 KB)


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