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Sr. No. Title Document
11 Multi-Angular Viewer for identification of mosquito species. application/pdf(11.76 KB)
12 PCR based diagnosis for visceral leishmaniasis from Urine samples. application/pdf(10.05 KB)
13 PCR Methodology in Pathogen detection. application/pdf(8.72 KB)
14 Recombinant ELISA for the diagnosis of Leptospirosis. application/pdf(10.01 KB)
15 Recombinant vaccine for Hepatitis E vaccine and combination of Hepatitis E & Hepatitis B vaccines using a novel approach. application/pdf(8.57 KB)
16 A box trainer for neuro-endoscopy application/pdf(95.54 KB)
17 A composition useful for identification of microorganism of interest application/pdf(27.89 KB)
18 A compound, Transitmycin, effective against bacterial and viral pathogens application/pdf(121.23 KB)
19 A culture system for the growth of stem cells application/pdf(22.46 KB)
20 A device for visualizing the precancerous and cancer lesions of uterine cervix and oral cavity application/pdf(8.73 KB)


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