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Name Designation Institute Area of Work
Dr Rajnarayan Ramshankar Tiwari Director and Scientist G ICMR National Institute for Research in Environmental Health (NIREH), Bhopal Environmental health, Occupational Health, Public Health
Dr Sanjay Gupta Scientist G ICMR National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR), Noida Cancer Screening Translational Research in Cervical Cancer Smokeless Tobacco
Dr Sapna Negi Scientist E ICMR National Institute of Pathology (NIP) , Delhi Non-communicable diseases, Genomics, Immunology
Dr Sarah Sabu Cherian Scientist F ICMR National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune Viral evolutionary dynamics and host-virus interactions using Bioinformatics (Genetics and protein structure modeling) and Immuno-informatics approaches; Structure-based drug discovery; Development of Biological databases
Dr Serena Judith Jerry D'Souza Scientist C ICMR National AIDS Research Institute (NARI), Pune Histology Techniques, Immunocytochemistry, Human semenology, Electron Microscopy-Scanning & Transmission , Positive Staining /ultrastructural analysis for conventional transmission electron microscopy for male/female gametes & other reproductive tissues , data acquisition, interpretation& reporting Negative staining for virus detection & Nanoparticle Characterization, Immunogold staining for semithin sections using 1nm gold particles (IGSS) and in-situ hybridization on semithin sections for immunohistochemistry (IHC),Immunogold electron microscopy, Sperm NM-IF Virology & molecular biology- Cell culture, propagation, maintenance of cryostocks, cell revival, plasmid DNA amplification, transfection,DNA/RNA isolation, western blotting and RT-PCR , Flow Cytometry Member on Institutional Committee/s- Purchase ; Chairperson - NARI-Canteen Committee
Dr Sukanya Rangamani Scientist D (Medical) ICMR National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research, Bengaluru Non communicable disease registries, Health informatics, Epidemiology and public health studies and training, Ethics and data sharing
Dr Sumit Dutt Bhardwaj Scientist B ICMR National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune clinical epidemiology
Dr Varsha Potdar Scientist D ICMR National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune  Influenza outbreak investigations  Epidemiological and virological surveillance of Influenza.  Molecular characterization of seasonal, Pandemic and emerging influenza viruses.  Molecular detection and characterization of respiratory viruses ( RSV,hMPV,hPIVs)  Isolation and antigenic characterization of influenza viruses.  Antiviral susceptibility of influenza viruses.  Quality Control of ICMR Influenza network  Validation and evaluation of diagnostic kits  Training and capacity building
Dr Yogesh Damodar Sabde Scientist E ICMR National Institute for Research in Environmental Health (NIREH), Bhopal Epidemiology, Geographic Information System (GIS), Environmental health, Health System Research
Dr Yogesh Krishnarao Gurav Scientist E ICMR National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune 1.Infectious disease epidemiology of Viral diseases (emerging and re-emerging) 2.Outbreak investigation/ sero-epidemiologival surveys of viral diseases 3.Health Technology Assessment 4. Bioethics


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