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Regional Medical Research Centre  

Nandankanan Road

Tel. No. : 91-674-2301322
Fax No. : 91-674-2301351
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Regional Medical Research Centre, 
NE Region

Post Box No. 105

Tel. No. : 91-373-2381494

Fax No.  : 91-373-2381746

Gram      : REMRES
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Regional Medical Research Centre  
PO Box No. 13
Port Blair-744104.

Tel. No.    : 91-3192-251158, 251043
Fax No.   
: 91-3192-251163, 233660
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The Centre was established in 1983 with the board objectives of carrying out biomedical research on communicable and non communicable diseases prevalent in Andaman and Nicobar islands and developing local skilled manpower. During the initial stages the progress of the Centre was very slow, but about five years back the Centre has started revitalizing itself. Andman Haemorrhagic Fever, the etiology of which was unknown, is one of the major health problems of the islands. The studies carried out by the Centre established the leptospiral etiology of the disease in 1994. Since then the Centre has adpoted leptospiros is as the major thrust area of research. During the past five years, the significant contributions in understanding various aspects of leptospirosis. Besides, the Centre also carries out research on diarrhoeal diseases, filariasis and other vector borne diseases, tuberculosis, hepatitis, HIV and AIDS. Other important areas of research include nutritional studies among various indigenous tribal groups of the islands - some of which are most primitive in nature and are still hostile to outersiders. Through the Centre will continue to carry out research on all the major communicable diseases prevalent in the islands, leptospirosis will bave the highest priority in the research agenda of the Centre in future.It is expected that the Centre will soon be re-desitgnated as the National Leptospirosis Reference Centre.


















Regional Medical Research Centre for Tribals  
Nagpur Road
P.O. Garha

Tel. No.   : 91-761-2370239
Fax No.   : 91-761-2370935
Gram       : TRIBHEALTH
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The Council's Regional Medical Research Centre for Tribals set up, in 1984, at Jabalpur, addresses itself mainly to the study of the health and nutritional problems of the tribal populations, including nutritional disorders, common communicable diseases, environmental health problems, etc. This Centre provides assistance in planning, monitoring and evaluation of tribal health and other developmental programmes in tribal areas of India (including Madhya Pradesh) and also in training health functionaries. This Centre is also attempting simultaneously to estimate the magnitude of health problems posed by other common diseases such as tuberculosis, leprosy, diarrhoea, malaria, filariasis, venereal diseases, poliomyelitis, measles, etc. Further, the Centre also studies the blood groups, abnormal haemoglobins and other genetic health problems as also socio-economic, demographic and cultural profile of the tribal population.





















Desert Medicine Research Centre  
Post Box No.122,
New Pali Road

Tel. No.   :  91-291-2721022
Fax No.   :  91-291-2721022



































Regional Medical Research Centre  
National Highway No.4

A proposal to set up a RMRC in Belgaum in Karnataka was included in the 7th Plan and 20 acres of land were allotted to ICMR by the Karnataka Government in 1984 itself. The RMRC however could not become operational due to many constraints. This RMRC will address itself to studying not only well known local health problems like Kyasanur forest disease (KFD), Handigodu syndrome etc. specific to Karnataka, but also other common conditions like fluorosis, urolithiasis, pancreatic calcification, cardiomyopathies, etc.prevalent in Karnataka and the neighbouring states like Kerala. This RMRC will also focus on herbal remedies and traditional medicine. The health problems of the sizeable tribal population in the region will be studied.