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Indian Council of Medical Research

V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan, P.O. Box No. 4911
Ansari Nagar, New Delhi - 110029, India

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Headquarter’s Directory

Sr. No. Name Email ID Subject Designation Contact number
11 MUKESH KUMAR mukeshk[dot]hq[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in International Health Division SCIENTIST G & HEAD Ph. +91-11-26588755
12 BONTHA VEERRAJU BABU babubontha[dot]hq[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH, ANTHROPOLOGY(MEDICAL) SCIENTIST G & HEAD Ph. +91-11-26589277
13 RAJNI KAUL kaulr[dot]hq[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in PHYSIOLOGY, ZOOLOGY SCIENTIST G Ph. +91-11-26589452
14 B.S. DHILLON dhillonbs[dot]hq[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in BIOSTATISTICS, COMPUTER SCIENCE. SCIENTIST G Ph. +91-11-6962895, Extn. 241
15 TRIPTI KHANNA khannat[dot]hq[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in PSYCHOLOGY SCIENTIST G Ph. +91-11-26588707, Extn. 296
16 REETA RASAILY rasailyr[dot]hq[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in MATERNAL HEALTH SCIENTIST G Ph. +91-11-26588707, Extn. 280
17 K.K. GANGULY gangulykk[dot]hq[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in ANTHROPOLOGY(MEDICAL) SCIENTIST F Ph. +91-11-26589611
18 NEERU GUPTA guptan[dot]hq[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in CONTRACEPTION SCIENTIST F Ph. +91-11-26588707, Extn. 263
19 TANVIR KAUR kaurtanvir[dot]hq[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in BIOCHEMISTRY BIOLOGY SCIENTIST F Ph. +91-11-26588707, Extn. 236
20 GEETA JOTWANI jotwanig[dot]hq[at]icmr[dot]gov[dot]in BIOCHEMISTRY SCIENTIST F Ph. +91-11-26589272


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