Institutes and Universities Working on Vector-borne Diseases


The problem of vector-borne diseases is local and transmission system is dynamic which requires site specific evidence based solutions. Translation of already existing knowledge base on vectors, parasites and host into new targeted control strategies is a distinct challenge that requires convergence of research and concentrated efforts to confront the complexity and heterogeneity of the natural transmission of vector-borne diseases. In this context, a strong research infrastructure is necessary in terms of manpower and laboratory facilities. No single institute is equipped with all the required facilities and expertise. Research on vector-borne diseases is carried out in isolation and often with low priority. Vector-borne diseases research involves multidisciplinary approach and close co-ordination of limited expertise that exists in our country. Therefore, sharing the resources to better utilize the infrastructure facilities available and working in a coordinated and collaborative mode to broaden research horizon is necessary to contribute to problem solving at the national and state level.

Keeping these issues in view, the Forum addresses various challanges by conducting brainstorming meetings and workshops wherein researchers, programme personnel, academia and experts are able to interact and identify research priorities. The forum is striving towards capacity building by conducting training courses and funding research in ad-hoc as well as Task Force mode.




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