Indian Council of Medical Research

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All efforts have been made to make as comprehensive as possible. we invite feedback and suggestions from all to enhance its purpose.

For ICMR Employees

Information related to circulars, salary, e-Consortia, Forms used by technical divisions, GPF Statements and Recuritment Rules are available in the section ICMR Employees section


Viewing Information in PDF Format

The information provided by this Web site is available in HTML,Portable Document Format (PDF) and Document Format. To view the information properly, your browser needs to have the required plug-ins or software. In case your system does not have this software; you can download it from the Internet for free. PDF reader can be obtained from

Forms section contains forms in .doc format.

Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technologies are meant to cater to the needs of people with various impairments like Visual, Hearing, Mobility, and Learning impairment. An assistive technology helps differently abled people in rendering or viewing a webpage. Screen Readers are assistive devices that convert text into synthesized speech to facilitate visually impaired users to listen to and comprehend the content on a webpage. Following URL can be visited to get more information about assistive technologies and screen readers: