Date of Joining Present Post: 01-09-2010

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JODHPUR - 342005 .
Telephone (off): 0291-2729729
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Educational Qualifications:

Ph.D., Jodhpur University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 1981

Research Experience:
  • Determinants and predictors of Dengue viruses
  • Genomic Characterization of Dengue viruses
  • Persistence Mechanism of Dengue viruses
  • Alternative vector control for Dengue viruses
  • Genomic studies on H1N1 viruses
  • Guinea worm disease
  • Malaria
  • Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Health problems worked on Swine Flu, Dengue, Malaria, Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, Guinea worm Disease


  • Studied partial sequences of H1N1 virus affecting Rajasthan and reported its variations/mutations.
  • Reported first report of India on Transovarial transmission of dengue virus and first report of world on persistence of transovarial transmission across 7 generations of mosquitoes. The research published explained maintenance mechanism of dengue virus during inter epidemic periods. Paper was awarded as one of the best cited papers in 100 years of ICMR research.
  • Reported that individual mosquitoes contain multiple dengue viruses and sensitized the thinking that primary infection caused by mosquitoes containing multiple types could lead to DHF. The observations were published in the International Journal (Acta Tropica) and on further confirmation could change the concept of etiological cause of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF).
  • Published 28 gene sequences of Dengue-1,2,3 & 4 virus types in NCBI, USA.
  • Reported first complete genome sequence of Dengue-3 virus from Rajasthan and 389 nucleotide sequence variations and 189 amino acid variations associated with genome were reported.
  • Published a new Intervention method of eliminating vertically infected foci of Aedes mosquitoes to control dengue transmission. Translational research on 33 districts of Rajasthan was undertaken and results were published in the international journal Acta Tropica.
  • Established facility for molecular diagnosis of Dengue in Rajasthan.
  • Contributed in ‘Eradication of Guinea-worm disease’ from Rajasthan and from India, through research and then participated as Member, National Commission for Guinea-worm Eradication-Certification.
Membership/Fellowship of Professional Societies/Associations :
  • Indian Society of Parasitology, Life Member
  • State Remote Sensing Society, Member
  • Jodhpur chapter, Nutrition society of India, Member
Workshops/Conferences/Symposiums :

  • Delivered invited lecture on “Development of drug / vaccine molecule against dengue and H1N1 viruses using Bio-informatics: Ongoing practice and need for revised approach” in the 61st Annual conference of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India: APPICON 2015 held at AIIMS, Jodhpur on 28th November 2015.
  • Delivered guest lecture on “Writing a research proposal and research paper” in the ICMR’s funded workshop on “Grantmanship: Writing a research grant proposal and how to write a research paper” at Mahila P.G. Mahavidhyalaya, Jodhpur on 23rd November, 2015.
  • Presented “Swine flu-Sustainable model to met challenges” during the “Stakeholders workshop” held at DMRC, Jodhpur, from 27th to 28th June 2015.
  • Presented proposal on “Preparedness for Emerging Infectious Diseases-Capacity Building Proposal” during the “Stakeholders workshop” held at DMRC, Jodhpur, from 27th to 28th June 2015.
  • Participated as ICMR representatives in the ‘Central team for reviewing the present outbreak of Seasonal Influenza’ constituted by the Directorate General of Health Services from 19th February to 21st February, 2013.
  • Presented during the ‘Brain Storming session of State Holders for identifying Research Areas of Collaboration’ held at DMRC, Jodhpur on 13th February, 2013.
  • Attended lectures on Laboratory Accreditation in DMRC, Jodhpur held on 5th February, 2013.
  • Attended Hands on training on ‘Egg Inoculation and H1N1Virus sequencing’ at NIV, Pune from 29th January to 31st January, 2013.
  • Delivered lectures during the Communicable diseases session in the “Jodhpur Conclave”, held at DMRC, Jodhpur on 2nd December, 2012.
  • Attended the SAG meeting, at ICMR, New Delhi from 12th February to 14th February 2012.
  • Invited as special guest in the UGC sponsored national conference on “Advancing frontiers in Biotechnology” at Mahila P.G. Mahavidhyala, Jodhpur from 12th to 14th March 2012.
  • Invited as statuary member in the “2nd Brain storming meeting of vector science forum on Japanese encephalitis and visceral and cutaneous Leishmaniasis” at ICMR, New Delhi from 23rd to 24th February 2012. Invited as chief invitee and speaker on “Environmental Day, June 2011” on 5th June 2011 at Rav Jodha Natural Garden, Fort Road, Jodhpur.
  • Delivered inaugural address on 17th December, 2011 at the UGC sponsored conference on “Current status and opportunities in medicinal plants of thar desert” at Mahila P.G. Mahavidhyalaya, Jodhpur.
  • Invited lecture on “Need of Chemistry in Medical research: Perception, Execution and Translation” on 18th October, 2011 at workshop of “Chemistry towards well being of humanity”, International Year of Chemistry-2011 at the Department of Chemistry, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur.
  • Invited lecture on “Vector biology, transmission site, issues related to control, operational research and recommendations on Aedes aegypti” on 5th October, 2011 at the ‘Brain storming meeting of the vector science forum’ conducted by Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi.
  • Invited guest lecture on “Role of wetlands in disease transmission in Desert” on 2nd January, 2010 at ZSI, Jodhpur.
  • Invited guest lecture on “Swine flu: Causes, Treatment and Prevention” on 15th September, 2010 at CAZRI, Jodhpur.
  • Invited guest lecture on “Molecular Biological Techniques: SDS-PAGE and IFA Test on 25th September, 2010 at Department of Zoology, JNV University, Jodhpur.
  • Invited guest lecture on “Malaria in Desert: Transmission, Etiology and Control” on 27th December, 2010 at CME Course in Command Hospital BSF, Jodhpur.
  • Delivered expert lectures on dengue in WHO sponsored training programme on dengue on 29th-30th July, 2007 at DMRC, Jodhpur.
  • Delivered expert lecture entitled “Surveillance, Monitoring and Manpower development of dengue” on 4th August, 2007, in WHO sponsored training on dengue at DMRC, Jodhpur.
  • Attended brain-storming session on “Desert Health” held on 28th-29th September, 2007 at DMRC, Jodhpur.
  • Attended 7th Joint Annual Conference ISMOCD & IAE held from October 27-29, 2007 at DMRC, Jodhpur.
  • Delivered lecture on “Emergence of infectious disease during flood at CAZRI, Jodhpur.
  • Attended meeting of Scientist of Jodhpur with President, Indian Space Research Organization, Govt. of India, at RSSC, Jodhpur.
  • Award of “Jodhpur Gaurav Alankaran” was conferred for contribution in “Dengue and Guinea worm disease “by Jodhpur Municipal Corporation on 29th March, 2007.
  • Delivered lecture on “Post flood emergence of infectious disease” in Brain storming session on “Flood in Thar and Challenges of Nature Disaster: Prevention, Relief and Rehabilitation” held at AFRI, Jodhpur on September, 19th, 2006.
  • Attended a workshop on Biomedical Communication organized by ICMR at DMRC, Jodhpur, on 18th & 19th November, 2004.
  • Delivered expert lectures on Dengue and Malaria in “Training programme of medical officers of Jodhpur zone” during December, 2004.
  • Delivered expert lectures on “ Malaria and Dengue in Rajasthan” at Ayurvedic University, Jodhpur in November, 2004.
  • Delivered expert lecture on “Mosquito pests of Malaria and Dengue” at annual meeting of “Pesticide association of India, Pune” on 18th October, 2004.
  • Delivered lecture on Epidemiology of malaria in desert in the session of Continued Medical Education (CME)for medical officers of Pali district in November, 2004.
  • Delivered an expert lecture on “Dynamics of desert Malaria” and a practical demonstration of different mosquito species in the refresher course organized by the Department of Zoology, JNV University, in February, 2004.
  • Delivered expert lecture on “Control aspects of Malaria” to medical officers of state health department organized by the Joint Director Jodhpur zone, Department of Health and FW, at Dr. S. N. Medical College, Jodhpur in January, 2004.
  • Delivered expert lecture in the workshop on “Epidemic Preparedness for control of Malaria” sponsored by the National Vector-Borne Disease Control Programme (VBDCP), Delhi on 10th -12th March, 2004.
  • Participated as faculty in the ICMR-WHO workshop on “Competencebuilding for writing up research proposal for international funding” March 18th -20th March, 2004.
  • Delivered lecture in WHO sponsored training programme for medical officers on “Malaria endemic districts of Jodhpur zone” on 22nd January, 2003 at Dr. S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur.
  • Attended workshop on “Organizational Behavior for Organizational Development” on 22nd -23rd March, 2003 held at IIHMR, Jaipur.
  • Attended workshop on “Identification of Research priorities n Malaria for its prevention and control”, at DMRC, Jodhpur on 27th June, 2002.
  • Attended a workshop on “GIS for you”, organized by Environmental Science Research Institute (ESRI, India), on 28th August, 2002 at Hotel Abhay Days Inn at Jodhpur.
  • Attended one day workshop on “Excellence in Biomedical Research” on 20th September, 2002 at DMRC, Jodhpur.
  • Organized and attended WHO sponsored training programme on RS and GIS application for interpreting ‘Vector breeding and Preponderance’, on 15th -16th November, 2002 at DMRC, Jodhpur.

Awards Received
  • Medical Research Innovation Award (ICMR) for Novel Research Conceptualization in 2006.
  • Jodhpur’s Gaurav Alankaran award for Contribution in the research for supporting public health in 2007.
  • Jodhpur’s Veer Durga Ji Award -2011 for excellence in scientific field in 2011.

Human Resource Development

  • Guided award of six Ph.D. students
  • Currently two Post Docs working
  • Currently two Ph.D’s working
  • Imparted post graduate training to more than 50 students
  • Imparted training to ICMR Training Fellow of Medical College, Jodhpur
  • Imparted Bio-safety training to BSF personnels
  • Imparted training to CMHO staff, medical representatives and field workers

Capacity building development

  • Established viral diagnosis laboratory at DMRC
  • Established one of the sentinel surveillance centers for diagnosis of Dengue and Chikungunya.
  • Provided referral diagnostic support for molecular diagnosis of H1N1 viruses.

Extramural research grants awarded

As Principal Investigator

  • Studies on Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic fever in Rajasthan, India (TDR, World Health Organization, Geneva)
  • Studies on determination of possible role of Aedes albopictus in maintenance of urban cycle of dengue (TDR, World Health Organization, Geneva)
  • Development of molecular and genetic markers of virus transmission competence of dengue vectors in Rajasthan (Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India)
  • Identification and classification of larval breeding habitats for determining adult population estimates as a warning tool for future malaria epidemics in Thar desert using remote sensing and geographic information system (World Health Organization, Country Budget)
  • Molecular characterization of extrinsic peri-urban dengue viruses contributing to cause DHF: A new concept of DHF. Medical Research Innovation Fund,(Indian Council of Medical Research)
  • Establishment of H1N1 diagnostic laboratory at DMRC, Jodhpur (Indian Council of Medical Research)
  • Development and testing of ICMR-DMRC module of Dengue control for Rajasthan (Translational Research, Indian Council of Medical Research)
  • Mapping of Risk of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever by typing dengue virus types in mosquitoes of different settings of Rajasthan (Vector Science Research Forum, Indian Council of Medical Research)
  • Bio-Informatics centres of ICMR at DMRC (Indian Council of Medical Research)
  • Comparative study of Gene characterization of Influenza A pandemic (H1N1) 2009 viruses from virus isolates of 2009 pandemic and 2012 re-emerging viruses in western Rajasthan: Phylogenetic analysis and molecular characterization (Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India)

  • Development of an electrochemical sensor for early diagnosis of Cancer Department of Bio-Technology (DBT), Govt. of India
  • Development of Health Management Information System on Malaria (Indian Council of Medical Research)

As Guide

  • Development of probe to detect dengue transmission or blocking proteins in mosquitoes as early warning tool of transmission risk of dengue in endemic areas (Fellowship project, Indian Council of Medical Research)
  • Determination of serotype specific gene sequences of dengue viruses and their cross infections from human serum and mosquito samples for risk of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in Western Rajasthan (Fellowship Project, Indian Council of Medical Research)

Awarded an Indian patent through DBT as co-Inventor

  • "Affinity Biosensor for Dopamine”
    Indian Patent No. 271054
    Indian Patent application no. 2774/DEL/2006 
    PG Journal No. 06/2016
    Grant date: 29th January 2016
    Date of Filing: 22nd December 2006
    PCT International Classification number: G02B
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    FROM 2006-03-06 TO 2006-03-07

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