Forms for Daily Use 
for ICMR, Headquarters Employees


General forms used by Technical Division of ICMR headquarters (bilingual)

Form related to House Rent Allowance (HRA)

Nomination for death cum Retirement Gratuity

General Provident Fund (Form of Nomination)

Form of Appointment of Beneficiary

Details of Family

Declaration of Immovable Property etc. owned by Group A & B Employees of all Institutes/Centres & Hqrs. Office

Declaration for the purpose of Income Tax

Application form for Identity Card

Requisition Slip for Official Tour

Child Care Leave


Reimbursement of Medical Claims

Declaration of dependents for purposes of medical aid

Declaration regarding imcome limit and the residence of parent(s) for availing facility to claim medical reimbursement for every calender year

Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance (in duplicate)

No Objection Certificate for Passport

Permission for Overtime Work

Requisition for Vehicle

Festival Advance


Advance from the ICMR General Provident Fund

Final Withdrawl from the ICMR General Provident Fund

Advance for the Purchase of Motot Car/ Motor Cycle

Earned Leave

Casual leave / RH Format

CGHS Renewal Form

Mandate Form

Reservation of Accomodation in The ICMR Guest House


  1. अनुसंधान  प्रस्ताव Research Proposal
  2. अनुसंधान योजना की सहायतार्थ अनुदान की किश्त का भुगतान
    Payment of  installment of grant in aid for the research scheme
  3. योजना का समापन Termination of the enquiry
  4. परियोजना  मंजूरी शीट Project Sanction Sheet
  5. अनुसंधान योजना की सहायतार्थ अनुदान की पहली किश्त का भुगतान
    Payment of 1st  installment of grant in aid for the research scheme
  6. अध्येतावृत्तिका और फुटकर व्यय का भुगतान Payment of fellowship and contingent expenditure
  7. औपचारिक बिल (उत्तर-पूर्वी योजना) Formal Bill (North East Scheme)
  8.  औपचारिक बिल Formal Bill
  9. अनुसंधान प्रस्ताव (एच.एम.एस.सी.) Research Proposal (HMSC)
  10. शपथ  Undertaking
  11. वार्षिक/ अंतिम रिपोर्ट Annual Report
  12. नई परियोजना की मंजूरी Sanction of budget allotment  under New Scheme
  13. परिषद की टास्क फोर्स / तदर्थ नई योजना के लिए बजट के आबंटन की मंजूरी
    Sanction of budget allotment for the ICMR Task Force / adhoc New Scheme