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    Children During Adolescence [10 - 16 Years]

Axillary hair in boys had appeared in 92.8 (Delhi urban slum) to as low as only 15.6 (Vellore rural) per cent by the age of 15 years (Fig.39). In these boys the mean age at appearance was 13.3 (Delhi urban slum and Varanasi) 14.3 (Hyderabad) years, mean weight between 33.4 (Delhi urban slum) to 40.3 (Vellore urban slum) kg. and mean height between 145.7 (Varanasi) to 156.3 (Vellore urban slum) cm. in different study areas (Table 26).

Change of voice occurred in 80 (Chandigarh) to only 14.3 (Vellore rural) per cent by the age of 15 years (Fig.40). In these children the mean age at change of voice was between 13.1 (Varanasi) to 14.2 years (Jabalpur), mean weight 32.7 (Varanasi) to 39.8 kg. (Vellore urban slum) and mean height between 143.7 (Varanasi) to 156.3 (Vellore urban slum) (Table 27).

Genitalia Development

Boys were observed at six monthly follow ups for genitalia development staging. Mean age, weight and height at stage 1, that is pre-adolescent stage, was calculated from age, weight and height recorded when that stage was observed for the last time and for stage II, III and IV when that stage was observed for the first time. There were problems in making regular observations on genitalia development so as to cover them at every stage of genitalia development with a six monthly follow up there were children who could not be observed for some in between stages.

Mean age at stage II varied between 10.7 (Chandigarh) to 12.8 (Vellore rural and urban slum) years, mean weight 23.4 (Hyderabad) to 29.0 (Vellore urban slum) kg. and mean height between 128.4 (Delhi urban slum) to 137.4 (Vellore urban slum) cms. Mean age at stage III and IV varied between 11.7 (Chandigarh) to 13.7 (Vellore rural & urban slum) and 13.8 (Delhi urban slum) to 14.3 years (Jabalpur) respectively. Stage V was attained only by less than 8 per cent of the children at Vellore urban/rural, Varanasi and Hyderabad. The average period from stage II to stage III was between 2 to 3 year and from stage III to IV was less than half to 2 years in different study areas. Mean weight varied between 26.5 (Chandigarh) to 34.9 kg. (Vellore urban slum) for stage III and between 35.1 (Chandigarh) to 41.3 (Varanasi) kg. for stage IV. Mean height was between 135.3 (Chandigarh) to 148.8 cms. (Vellore urban slum) and 149.7 (Chandigarh) to 156.0 cms. (Vellore urban slum) at reaching stage II and III respectively (Tables 28, 29 , 30 Fig. 41, 42 & 43 ).

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