arrow  Longitudinal Study on Growth of Indian
    Children During Adolescence [10 - 16 Years]

and, the complete anthropometry was recorded when it was first noticed by the investigators, whereas the actual onset may have occurred anytime between this follow-up and the one prior to it, thus giving rise to over estimation of average age, weight or height at onset of any characteristic. Another constraint was that the study was terminated at a point when very few children had completed 16 years of age and had not reached full maturity, thus excluding the late attainers giving rise to under estimation of average age, weight and height. The data presented therefore includes percentage of children attaining the characteristic at cut off points of' 12, 13, 14 and 15 years of age and average age, weight and height of children at the point when it was first observed.

Sexual maturity in boys

Appearance of Pubic Hair

The first secondary sexual characteristic to appear in boy was pubic hair at all the centres. Pubic hair had appeared in more than 90 percent of boys by the age of 15 years at all the centres except at Varanasi and Vellore rural, where about 64 per cent had it by that age (Fig., 37). The mean age at appearance of pubic hair in the children who had attained it, was between 11.8 (Chandigarh) to 13.4 (Hyderabad) years, mean weight between 27.2 (Chandigarh) to 32.9 (Varanasi) kg. and mean height between 136.6 (Chandigarh) to 144.4 (Varanasi) cm. (Table 24 ). It was observed that at Varanasi and Vellore the boys who had attained the characteristic, had higher weight (about 3 kg.) and height (about 4 cm.) for age as compared to the weight and height of boys from respective centres from the same series (Tables 2 & 4).

Appearance of Facial Hair

The next characteristic to appear in boys from all centres except at Vellore rural was facial hair, which had appeared in 39 (Hyderabad) to 99 (Chandigarh) per cent of the boys by the age of 15 years (Fig. 38). The average age at appearance in these children was between 12.6 (Chandigarh) to 14.4 (Delhi) years, mean weight 29.5 (Chandigarh) , to 41.6 (Vellore urban slum) kg. and mean height 140.8 (Chandigarh) to 157.9 (Vellore urban slum) cm. (Table 25 ). The children in whom facial hair had appeared had higher weight (2-3 kg.) and height (5-8 cm.) for age at all centres except at Chandigarh where 99 per cent boys had facial hair and therefore had similar weight and height for age (Tables 2 & 4).

Appearance of Axillary Hair

Wide between centres variations in time of appearance of axillary hair and change of voice were observed.

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