arrow  Longitudinal Study on Growth of Indian
    Children During Adolescence [10 - 16 Years]

more than 90 per cent were going to open fields. Drinking water from tap, hand pump or bore well was available to 90 per cent of households in rural areas covered by Chandigarh and Hyderabad and urban slum areas of Delhi and Vellore, whereas in rural areas of Jabalpur and Vellore this facility was available to less than 80 per cent and to less than 20 per cent in Varanasi rural area.


Centrewise average values, standard deviation and percentiles for anthropometric parameters were calculated for boys and girls in six monthly age groups. Body weight and height of children was also studied in relation to earlier nutritional status (5-7 yrs.). These observations are presented centrewise for male and female children.


The average body weight of male children from rural areas was significantly lower (P<0.01) urban children at all age points. Male children from urban slum area of Delhi weighed more than urban children from Vellore and children from all rural areas included in this study. Male children from study area of Chandigarh weighed more than children from all other rural areas and were comparable to boys from urban slum areas of Vellore. From among the other rural areas in, this study the boys from Vellore had lowest average weight followed by Varanasi and Jabalpur. Maximum weight gain in boys from urban slum areas of Vellore and Delhi appeared between thirteen and a half years to fourteen and a half years of age. For rural children the period of maximum weight gain varied from centre to centre and was between thirteen and a half to fifteen and a half years. Total average weight gain during 10-16 years of age varied from centre to centre between 12 to 19 kg. The average total weight gain was also maximum for children from Delhi and minimum for children from rural Vellore followed by children from rural Varanasi. The difference between average weight of boys from rural and urban slum areas increased from less than 1 kg. at 10 years to almost 4 kg. by the age of 16 years (Table 2).

The average body weight of girls from urban slum areas of Delhi and Vellore was also significantly higher (P<0.01) than that of girls from rural areas of this study at all age points. Unlike male children, the girls from urban slums of Vellore and Delhi had similar weight and girls from rural Chandigarh weighed similar to girls from Hyderabad and Jabalpur at all age points. The girls from Varanasi and Vellore rural areas were found to weigh even less. The period of maximum weight gain was from twelve and a half years to fourteen years for girls from urban Delhi and Vellore and varied between twelve and a half year to

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