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Intervention Done (Please tick whichever applicable)

  1. Educating the Family

  2. Counselling

  3. Positive Feedback

  4. Problem Solving

  5. Emotional Support

  6. Negotiating between the family members

  7. Identifying hindrances in behavioural change

  8. Using resources for the family

Family's Reactions

  1. Co-operative

  2. Happy about the intervention

  3. Resistance to change

  4. Co-operative but unable to change

  5. Some of the family members co-operative, others not

  6. Change in some aspects others remaining the same

  7. Change in most risk factors

  8. No change

Major Life Events

  1. Separation / death of a loved one

  2. Change of residence

  3. Major loss of income / property

  4. Change in the primary caretaker of the child

  5. Birth/new arrival in the family

  6. Divorce/separation / death of a spouse

  7. Accident / disease in a family member / Hospitalization

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