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Integration of Family Intervention into the Existing Health Services

An important aspect that must be remembered at the end of reading this manual is that family counselling and intervention can be used as part of any health care programme. Regardless of whether the contact is made for tuberculosis and malaria control or for family planning measures, a health worker can adopt family counselling techniques and use this as a means of changing behaviour in the family. This will ensure better acceptance of the programme by the family and enhance participation. The use of family counselling techniques is specially useful in families which are resistant to change and where exclusive use of educational methods has not worked.

It is important hence for every health professional to adopt these methods in his day-to-day practice with individuals and families to increase compliance and acceptance of the health care programme.

In conclusion, we would like to mention that each child or individual should be viewed with his family in the background. Day-to-day behaviour and living problems such as nutrition, child rearing, hygiene, mental well being and help seeking with regard to health are strongly influenced by the family's own views and life style. Any inputs in the above areas without involving the whole family may result in poor results in those who are unmotivated for change.

It is hence important that the family be involved in all programmes and even if the family intervention is not implemented as a whole in all the families atleast some aspects of counselling and intervention can be used in most families to ensure success.

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