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feel the burden. It may also be necessary to negotiate among the family members in this regard.

Appreciate the family that, inspite of many difficulties, there are positive aspects like an organized home, clean children and their regular attendance at school. By highlighting these positive factors, motivation can be brought about easily.

As for the father, he can be explained about the importance of his role as a father, he can be explained about the importance of his role as a father in a healthy psychosocial development of his children. The couple can be advised to spend some time with the children. This will bring them closer.


  1. Better relationship between parents.

  2. Better stimulation for children.

  3. Father taking more interest in family matters.

  4. Mother feeling more happy/reduction in her irritability.

  5. Birth control may be adopted.

Case 6: This family can be rated disorganized. The mother is a housewife. Father works as an attender in a private office and the family has enough money for basic needs. They have three children. The eldest is 6 years old, the second is 3 years and the third about 1 1/2 years. The children do not attend the Anganwadi centre regularly. They are not immunized. the third child looks undernourished. The mother does not show any interest in the family matters. She sits in a place for a long time. Some times she laughs to herself and does not care about her appearance. Sometimes she makes gestures as if she is talking to somebody. Father's mother aged about 60 years stays with them. She has to look after the house inspite of her old age. The worker has not been able to do anything to help the mother because she does not seem to understand anything. The father is worried about this and he shouts' at her sometimes for not looking after the children.

Risk Factors

  1. Psychiatric illness in the mother.

  2. Disorganized home.

  3. Child neglect

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