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Risk Factors

  1. Unclean children

  2. Poor house keeping

  3. No birth control


  1. Regular attendance to the Anganwadi centre

  2. Good health and immunization to children

  3. Mother motivate/supplementing income to family

  4. No abject poverty

  5. Parents concern about the children

Entry point: The mother was appreciated for getting the children immunized and she was told that her children look quite healthy. Seeing her concern the mother was talked to about the scabies noticed in the second child and was told how it is important to keep children and the house clean to avoid such skin diseases. She was asked to get immediate medical care for the child.

Intervention Plan
This family has many positive aspects for eg. having no major financial problems. The worker may demonstrate these positive factors to the family which will motivate the family towards change. However, they may be advised about proper utilisation of available resources.

The mother needs to be advised regarding cleanliness, demonstrating the example of the child having scabies which the family too is concerned about. The worker may help the mother to plan her routine more systematically. She may explain to the mother how it helps in making the children more responsible as they grow up.

The wife may talk about her husband's drinking habit. The worker may negotiate between them in this regard if necessary and feasible. If there is no change, the worker should not fell disheartened, she can lend emotional support to the mother and encourage the husband to seek medical help for decreasing the habit. She can help the wife initiate discussion with her husband. If this does not help, she may intervene and negotiate issues between the couple with the aim of altering some of the factors that might

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