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Intervention Plan:
The family may be advised to make a proper utilization of the help they are getting from the father's sister. The parents may be counselled regarding the importance of stimulation and spending time with children. The worker along with the family may plan out the ideal time say for eg. dinner time and see that the family carried out the task given to them. A healthy and more positive interaction between parents and children may be encouraged.

The parents may be encouraged to give the elder girl some basic education as she is still very young. She may explain the necessity and importance of this to them.

There may not be much that a worker can do to remove abject poverty, however she can talk about budgeting, proper utilization of the available resources, nutrition at a low cost, and discussion of other ways of earning livelihood.

The worker can help the mother in planning out her routine. The daughter may also be encouraged to help in chores around the house. Along with this the worker can teach cleanliness to the mother. She may explain its importance to her and help her and encourage her in making changes gradually.

The worker needs to give a positive feedback to the family, and involve herself in the tasks given to the family, whenever necessary

Outcome: Parents taking more interest in children, better child care, more organized and clean home and children. Better relations between parents and children, despite the economic status of the family remaining almost the same. They can plan their budget and provide nutritious meal which costs less and things available at home for play. Parents may take interest and there may be more organization in the family.

Case 2: This family has four children. The eldest is eight years old and the youngest about one month old. The husband is a casual labourer (coolie) and wife works as house maid. They have not followed birth control. The father drinks. The children are unclean but look quite healthy and are immunized. The children attend Anganwadi regularly. Eldest goes to school. The mother is quite motivated. Poor house keeping was noticed. The second child has scabies. The family does not have any serious financial problems. The parents are worried about the scabies of the second child to a certain extent.

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