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plants can be grown around the house. These vegetables are fresh and good for health and keep the surrounding area of the house clean.

b) Clean Children: The children should be bathed every day and should wear washed clothes. Their hair should be combed regularly to avoid lice. Their nails should be cut regularly and kept clean. Otherwise dirty nails cause germs to get into the stomach while eating and cause diseases. Regular cleaning of the mouth -teeth after eating food, washing hands after every ablution and not to spit anywhere and everywhere. The family members should develop a habit of washing hands before eating and keeping eatables and water covered.

c) Characteristics of the mother: Here you can help the mother cope with problems in a better way. You will be lessening her burden by just listening to her problems. Your understanding of her problems would give her more confidence. But in case of any serious psychiatric illness, it is better to refer her to the psychiatrist. You can continue to visit her, talk to her and see that she takes the treatment regularly.

5. Severe Marital Discord
The couple require your counselling and advice. You can tell them about simple things which would improve their marriage.

  1. They can recognise each other's worth.
  2. Appreciate it outwardly.
  3. Discussing matters and taking decisions together for example:
    Sending the child to the school.
  4. Not quarreling in front of children.
  5. Should co-operate with each other.

You can assign them simple tasks which they should adopt later on. For example: the wife may feel that she is overburdened and wants her husband to help in small chores. This he can do to make the wife happy and wife also should do some things which makes her husband happy. This in the long run will surely better the relationship.

6. Neurotic Traits in Children
Apart from assessing the physical milestones of development of the child, it is important to assess his psychosocial development. If he has not stopped bedwetting even after 3 years, refer him to a doctor for physical

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