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community has to work together. When there is total involvement on the part of the community they can reduce most of the risk factors in the neighbourhood: But, for this you will have to try and involve the people more and more and take the help of the Governmental Organisations like the City Corporation, Village Panchayat and so on; or Non-Governmental or Voluntary Agencies like CCF, doing this kind of work. The family on its part can try and keep good relationships with the neighbours. Your can tell them how it helps, with the neighbours reciprocating the same feelings and thereby a more cordial atmosphere would ensue.

2. Abject Poverty
In a family. with abject poverty conditions, you will first have to look for any resources available in the family. If there are any, you can help them by telling-them ways of generating additional income to the family. To do this, you need to be aware of the such programme going on around your area of work. In families where there are no ways of supplementing the income, you can tell them how their budget can be planned well. They can eat nutritious food which is not very costly. They can make toys with things at home for the children, say for example, with a coconut shell or a waste

3. Poor House Keeping
We find many families who do not have a reguIar house routine and are kept badly. After discussing with the mother what are her problems in keeping the house neat, you can advise her and help her in improving her house keeping habits. Good house keeping has a strong effect on children's health. It prevents certain diseases and it promotes good health. A regular routine in the house makes the children responsible individuals as they grow up. Good house keeping would mean:

a) A clean house: The house should be swept neatly everyday. The cobwebs should be removed because dust and filth inside the house generate foul smell and cause disease. Things around the house should be arranged properly and not thrown around haphazardly. Vessels used for daily cooking, eating should be washed thoroughly. The family members should see that there is no standing water anywhere around the house because this breeds mosquitoes which in turn cause disease like Malaria. Every house should have a latrine a little away and this should be kept clean. Children should not be let to play near it. Vegetables and other

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