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these risk factors. These have been summarised in the Home Risk Card (HRC) which is a tool to detect and rate the presence of some of the more important risk factors. It should be mentioned here that the HRC tells us about only certain risk factors -the presence of any other risk factors should be additionally looked into by the intervention workers.


  1. Adverse Neighbourhood Environment:
    (not at all conducive for child's proper growth and development)

  2. Abject poverty:
    (the family has difficulty even for food/clothes, or cannot afford any play material for child)

  3. Poor house keeping:
    (Unclean house, poor house routine, unclean children)

  4. Characteristics of mother:
    (She remains sad or depressed for long periods without reason or often gets upset easily)

  5. Severe marital discord:
    (There are often serious problems among the couple, conflict over money matters, drinking habits or general dissatisfaction with married life)

  6. Neurotic traits:
    (bed wetting or stammering in any child in the house in age group 3-6 years)

  7. Child neglect:
    (for any child in age group 3-6 years)

    (lack of interest/affection and lack of routine, child gets frequent beating or is blamed often lacks playmates)


    1. Yes 2. No 3. Not certain


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