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The effect of frequency of visits is an important variable as shown in another study, where weekly visits proved better than biweekly visits, which proved better than monthly visits in sustaining the effect of intervention (Powell and Grantham-McGreger, 1989).

Conclusion of review

1. Home visitor programmes are particularly useful' for rural settings where problems of isolation and lack of transportation make it difficult for families to participate in centre based programmes and also for urban families where members may be uncomfortable with traditional health programmes.

2. High risk clients are more susceptible to interventions.

3. It is preferable to use para professionals as they are culturally more acceptable to low income families and also connect with other agencies or personnel.

4. The home visitor needs to be carefully selected and also supervised for the programme to be effective.

The above review highlights the importance of "home visitor" programmes and the area of maternal -child health and its usefulness in child development programmes. The present study is hence an attempt to study the usefulness of such a programme in the Indian setting.

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