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of these two different group of medical officers revealed that the Kallandiri PHC MOs have outscored the other PHC MOs in all fields of coverage with a significant difference in performance regarding psychiatry and cardiovascular system as given in the Table 2.

Table 2
Evaluation of Training Programme for PHC MOs

(max. marks given in brackets)
  Total marks obtained
by the three
Kallandiri PHC MOs
Total marks obtained
by the three
Other PHC MOs

Psychiatry (90) 72 34 0-001
CNS (30) 28 18 N.S.
Cardiovascular (30) 29 15 0-05
Visual (15) 13 9 N.S.
Hearing (15) 15 11 N.S.
Oncology (15) 15 9 N.S.
Respiratory (15) 15 11 N.S.
Urology (15) 15 8 N.S.
Rheumatology (15) 13 9 N.S.
    ---------- ----------  
Total   215 124  

N.S. - Not Significant        

A manual fairly comprehensive, for the medical personnel was prepared with the guidelines on early detection, management and reasons for referral for common and major health problems in the aged. The details of the training manual are offered in the Appendix V. Each topic was prepared by the concerned specialist.

The delivery of health care to the elderly envisages the crucial role of MPHWs. Training was imparted to them on the approach to the elderly subjects and family, health education and psychosocial management of the elderly and for referrals. The details of the training manual are offered in the Appendix VI. It has been prepared by the Chief Investigator and in compiling its Part B, "Age Pages" of the National Institute of Ageing, Bethesda (Md) has been consulted.

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