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44. The best indicator of right brain function is
(a) speech
(b) reading
(c) writing
(d) spatial orientation
45. The best indicator of left brain function is
(a) memory
(b) speech
(c) spatial orientation
(d) identification of faces
46. In a primary health centre, prevention of cerebrovascular disorder is undertaken while
(a) treating tuberculosis
(b) treating hypertension
(c) administering measles vaccine
(d) none of the above
47. In a patient with recovering hemiplegia, detailed history taking helps to assess
(a) disability due to illness
(b) the cause of the illness
(c) both the above
(d) neither of the above
48. In an elderly patient with tremors, the commonest cause is
(a) senile tremors
(b) anxiety neurosis
(c) thyrotoxicosis
(d) syndenham's chorea
49. Drop attacks are characteristics of
(a) Mitral Stenosis
(b) Carotid aneurysm
(c) Intracranial tumour
(d) Vertebro basilar insufficiency
50. In a patient who has sustained a fall, on immediate examination, if one finds, he has bradycardia, it suggests
(a) Vertebro basilar insufficiency
(b) Intracranial tumour
(c) Cardiac disease causing the fall
(d) Cerebellar degeneration
51. Defective vision is an indication for surgery when
(a) it is due to immature cataract
(b) it is due to mature cataract
(c) when glasses fail to correct visual defect due to cataract
(d) when cataract interferes with everyday functioning
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