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26. An elderly patient presenting with a belief on being infected with insects often has
(a) Visual hallucination
(b) Gustatory hallucinations
(c) Tactile hallucinations
(d) Auditory hallucinations
27. History taking in a paraphrenic reveals a life long tendency towards
(a) suspicion
(b) irritability and mood swings
(c) a sad disposition
(d) a histrionic disposition
28. Late paraphrenia occurs
(a) only below the age of 12 years
(b) only above the age of 45 years
(c) at all ages
(d) only above 75 years
29. If a patient has grandiose ideas, he could be suffering from
(a) paraphrenia
(b) mania
(c) both of the above
(d) neither of the above
30. With treatment paraphrenia shows
(a) a mild remission
(b) good remission
(c) symptoms that persist
(d) No improvement
31. A person with a diagnosis of hypertension should be having a blood pressure of over
(a) 150/90 mm of Hg
(b) 120/80 "
(c) 140/80 "
(d) 120/100 "
32. Hypertension diagnosed for the first time in geriatric population is
(a) more likely to be idiopathic or primary hypertension
(b) always secondary hypertension
(c) more likely to be secondary hypertension
(d) malignant in nature
33. Untreated hypertension leads to highest morbidity by way of
(a) Renal damage
(b) Cerebrovascular accidents
(c) diabetes mellitus
(d) diabetes insipidus
34. Blood pressure recorded in this posture is the best indicator of hypertension
(a) lying posture
(b) erect posture
(c) sitting posture
(d) lying and erect posture
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