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Other intervention measures

Recreational measures included visit to the cinema and the temples in the vicinity. The student groups from the schools and colleges visited the villages and provided recreation and snacks for the elderlies. Other recreational measures were already in existence-Gathering of the elderly in the local chavadi, where some of them read the news papers and listen to the radio programme, participating in yearly local temple festivals etc. As many as 70% expected increased organisation of recreational activities. In a few instances the subjects who were destitutes and homeless, arrangements were made through the project social workers to admit them into the 'Homes for the Aged'. About one-third of the sample, mainly those with no family and the uncared favoured starting of Old-age homes in rural areas.

Among the bereaved subjects, following the death of the spouses, suitable psychological intervention was carried out as a part of rehabilitation.

The most significant observation has been that a large number of elderly subjects used to delight themselves in attending the Clinic at the PHC and the Centre, which besides enhancing their morale, gave them a good degree of mobility and social contacts.

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