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Pruritus was 'relieved' in seventeen: in 14, there was an 'improvement' and in 9 others it was 'static', In 23 subjects, pruritus was a 'new' diagnosis.


There was no case of 'cured' or 'improved' category in those (N = 103) who had impairment of hearing either due to senile otosclerosis or nerve deafness. Supply of suitable hearing aids was out of the scope of the study. Their condition remained 'static'. At the time of followup, in 7-0tosclerosis in 8-Presbyacusis and in 3-Nerve Deafness were 'new' diagnoses.


The 'control' of Urinary tract infection (N = 10) was achieved in 6 cases. In one subject, the condition 'deteriorated' and in 5 subjects, UTI was a 'new' diagnosis. In 4 subjects, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) was a 'new' diagnosis, while 16 already diagnosed continued to be 'static'.


Of the 11 cases of Cancer, 6 were dead at the time of followup. In five others the condition was 'static'. Two 'new' cases of cancer cervix were come across at the time of followup.

Psychiatry (N = 135)

Among 114 cases of Depression, 80 'remitted' with treatment. While 3 'relapsed', 31 cases were either 'improving' or 'static'. In 15 subjects, Depression was a 'new' diagnosis. Out of 3 cases of Dementia, 2 had died and in one, the condition was 'static'.

Diabetes Mellitus

Twenty-one subjects were diagnosed as having Diabetes Mellitus in the group. In 12 of them the condition was found to be 'improving' and in one it remained 'static'. There were 4 subjects in whom it was a 'new' diagnosis.


Table 6
Family Jointness : Index & Followup
(N = 1745)


  Family Jointness Completely, Verymuch,
Somewhat and Slightly joint
Not at all joint Total

I Completely, Verymuch,
Somewhat and Slightly joint
575 59 634
N Not at all joint 40 1071 1111
D   -------- -------- --------
E Total 615 1130 1745
X   -------- -------- --------
Mc Nemar test: It is seen that in 9% of the individuals the family jointness had deteriorated during followup while in only 3.6% of the individuals there was a marginal improvement.

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