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Seventy-three cases had undergone cataract surgery. However, 28 alone, were classified as 'cured', having regained their vision. The remaining among the operated, did not benefit, owing to the irreversible nature of their eye pathology or not being supplied with spectacles, free of cost. 75 subjects 'developed' immature cataract during the followup and in another 66, the cataracts 'matured'. 1123 subjects with immature cataract and 124 with matured cataract fell under the category 'static'. Either they were not ready for surgery or were unwilling for it for various reasons.


Among the cases diagnosed as Degenerative Joint Diseases (DJD), 27 were 'cured', while 353 were found to be 'improving'. In 179 cases, the condition was 'static'. DJD as a 'new' diagnosis emerged in 113 cases. 25 subjects were diagnosed as having sustained fractures at the time of intake. At the time of followup, 4 cases have sustained 'fresh' fractures (rib, Colles fracture and neck of femur).


Among the neurological diseases, 17 cases of Peripheral neuritis benefited from intervention. While 142 cases 'improved', 89 cases remained 'static'. 40 subjects 'developed' peripheral neuritis during the followup. While 3 cases of Parkinsonism were 'improving' under treatment, there were 3 'fresh' cases of Parkinsonism. 2 subjects had 'developed' hemiplegia during followup. Epilepsy was found to be 'improving' in one and detected 'new' in another.


In 62 subjects, hypertension was controlled by medication, while in 18, an effective control was not achieved. In 4 subjects hypertension was a 'new' diagnosis. 124 cases of anaemia were 'cured', while 50 others were 'improving'. 45 subjects were 'newly' djagnosed as anaemic at the time of followup.


In 73 subjects, Bronchitis was brought under control, while it was 'improving' or 'static' in 9 cases, 47 subjects developed bronchitis as a 'new' complaint. Respiratory infections (U.R.I. and L.R..I.) were relieved in 81 subjects, but remained 'static' in 4 of them. 27 subjects 'developed' this infection during the followup. Among 32 subjects suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis, one achieved a 'complete cure', while 2 'relapsed' after an initial remission; 20 others were 'improving' under treatment and 7 were static in their condition. There was a 'worsening' of the condition in 2 subjects and in 7, tuberculosis was a 'new' diagnosis during the followup. Among those with bronchial asthma, 29 subjects were either 'static' or 'improving'. Six of the subjects achieved a total 'relief', while 3 were 'relapsing'. There were five in whom 'asthma' occurred as a 'new' symptom.


Among 38 subjects diagnosed as Hansen's disease, 24 were found to be 'improving' under treatment. While 14 were in a 'static' state, it was a 'new' diagnosis in 3 subjects.

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