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Table 5 (contd.)

Sl. No. Symptoms     Followup

        Present Absent Total  

8. Burning I Present 205 205 410  
    N Absent 152 1183 1335 0.01
    D   -------- -------- --------  
    E Total 357 1388 1745  
9. Cough I Present 151 211 362  
    N Absent 107 1276 1383 0.001
    D   -------- -------- --------  
    E Total 258 1487 1745  
10. Constipation I Present 136 209 345  
    N Absent 118 1282 1400 0.001
    D   -------- -------- --------  
    E Total 254 1491 1745  

The Table 5 offers in a consolidated form, the outcome on the screening schedule symptoms during followup on a simple 'present' or 'absent' basis. This would enable us to get an idea of the incidence of every symptom after an interval of time (ranging upto 2 years). The first ten symptoms were chosen for such an analysis (using X2 test).

Visual handicap emerged significantly on followup (p < 0.001). Those who had the symptom during index evaluation but not during followup numbered 28 (1.8%), while those who developed the symptom only during followup were 120 (7.3%), thus achieving significance in the reverse direction: a significant occurrence as a fresh symptom. This is also due to the fact that out of 73 who underwent cataract surgery, only 28 reported 'improved' vision. This is attributable to the non supply of free spectacles following cataract extraction.

Backache, vague bodily pain, cough and constipation are the symptoms in which a significant 'absence' was seen compared to their occurrence as a new symptom (p < 0.001). Burning and numbness are the other symptoms, where too a striking difference could be seen in the receding. An effective control by intervention was observed. Sleeplessness was absent in 47%, while in 42% it occurred as a new symptom on followup (p < 0.01). Thus, sleeplessness was significantly controlled by intervention.

However, in cases of symptoms like 'giddiness' and 'pain in the joints', there was no significant difference regarding the disappearance and emergence of the symptom on followup, though marginal improvement could be noted.

(B) Diagnostic Outcome

The followup findings in clinical sphere are offered below :

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