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Gastro Intestinal (N = 190, 9.9%)

Gastritis (64), Worm infestation (41), Peptic ulcer (20), Ankylostomiasis (12) and Gastro enteritis (16) were the predominant ones.

Psychiatry (N = 160, 8.1%)

Among the psychiatric diagnosis, Depression accounted for 133 cases (Endo- genous, Reactive, Masked etc.). There were 3 cases of Dementia. Two had Delusional parasitosis and a solitary case of hypomania was come across.

The prevalence of psychiatric morbidity confirms the earlier observation of Venkoba Rao and Madhavan (1982) on the geropsychiatric morbidity survey in a semiurban area near Madurai. They estimated it to be 87/1000 with depression accounting for 60/1000.

Hearing (N = 156, 8.2%)

Otosclerosis and Presbyacusis accounted for 59 and 52 cases respectively. There were 19 with nerve deafness.

Genito Urinary (N = 66, 3.5%)

Benign prostatic hypertrophy and haemorrhoids were encountered in 24 cases each, and Urinary tract infection was noted in 10 subjects.


The following tumours were encountered : Lipoma 13; Papilloma 1; Benign nodular goitre 10; Multinodular goitre 2; Dermoid cyst 2; Leukoplakia vulva 1; Leukoplakia cheek 1; Leukoplakia oral cavity 2; Haemangioma 2; Carcinoma Penis I; Carcinoma cheek 2; Carcinoma breast 1; Carcinoma endometrium 1; Carcinoma cervix 3; Carcinoma larynx 1; Carcinoma thyroid 1; 1 Bladder carcinoma; Melanoma face 1; Cystic hygroma 1.

Diabetes Mellitus

Twenty-one cases were diagnosed as Diabetes Mellitus.


Multiple diagnoses is a common clinical experience in geriatric medicine. In terms of clinical diagnoses, 76.5% (N = 1460) had 2-3 clinical diagnoses while 16.5% (N = 316) had 4 or more diagnoses. Single diagnosis was encountered in 6.8% (N = 131). While physical illness alone was observable in 91.4% (N = 1747), psychiatric illness alone was observable in 0.3% (N = 5). A combination of psychiatric and physical illness was arrived at in 8.1% (N = 155). It is thus evident that psychiatric illness in the elderly cannot be considered apart from physical illness. Three subjects were without any clinical diagnosis.

 Venkoba Rao, A. and Madhavan, T. (1982) Geropsychiatric morbidity survey in a semi urban area near Madurai, Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 24, 258.
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