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Born 18th February, 1953, Hamirpur (H.P.), MBBS-1974 (Shimla), M.D. 1978 (AIIMS, New Delhi); VA Medical Centre, Long Beach, CA, USA (1980-81) ; National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK (1984-85); other specialized trainings; Joined Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for Talent Search Schemes (TSS) Fellows and posted at JALMA Agra in 1978, Director of this Institute in December 2001- Nov 2008 ; 

Developer of modern methods of rapid diagnosis of TB, leprosy , DNA chips; DNA fingerprinting methods etc.; contributed to expansion of mandate of JALMA from leprosy to all mycobacterial diseases.

Joined as Secretary of Department of Health Research DHR) & Director-General, Indian Council of Medical Research; Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India, on 18th Nov 2008. 

DHR, the newest department in MOHFW has been allocated 10 business which include nine new functions and ICMR- an ongoing activity. As the founder Secretary of new department, Dr Katoch has played important role in developing and implementing five new schemes to accomplish these nine new business – these include schemes for (i) establishment of multi-disciplinary research units (MRUs) in government medical colleges ( with focus on NCDs, RCH, gender issues etc; (ii) Model Rural Health Research units (MRHRUs – based on model developed by Dr Kiran Katoch, former Director, JALMA at Ghatampur, UP which shows the gains of working together of medical colleges, state services and ICMR/ other apex institutes for taking the technology to people- (iii) Virology Research Laboratories in states and medical colleges ( an offshoot of ICMR programme initiated in 2009-10); (iv) Scheme for Human Resources for Health Research ( target of more than 2500 fellowships with 2/3 in medical colleges/ institutions ; (v) Grant in Aid scheme for projects focused on intersectoral collaboration and coordination.

ICMR, 10th function of DHR and an 100 year old ( established 1911) reputed autonomous organization, which saw a major drive towards modernization earlier, has undergone major transformation during the last five years with shift towards enhanced extramural funding mainly for non-ICMR institutions; major thrust on innovation and translation ( several indigenous technologies released during last one year); establishment of Tribal Health Research forum with focus on tribal and marginalized communities; Vector Borne Diseases Forum to bring synergy among ICMR and non-ICMR institutions and special programme for medical colleges to develop research projects. 

Contributed over 270 research papers in Indian , European, American and other foreign journals.

Recipient of various awards : Young Scientist Award of IAMM 1985; Shere-I-Kashmir Shiekh Abdulla Memorial Oration Award 1989; Dr.CGS Iyer Oration Award of ICMR 1990; Erwin Stindl Memorial Oration Award of German leprosy Relief Organization 1991; Dr.S.C.Agarwal Oration Award of IAMM 1994; Dr.Manu Patel Prize of IADVL 1999; JALMA Trust Fund Oration Award 1999 of ICMR, IAMM Endowment Award 2003; Ranbaxy Science Foundation Award 2004; UC Chaturvedi Life Time Achievement Award 2009; Mellanby Oration 2009; Vishwanathan Oration 2009; Maj Gen. Sahib Singh Sokhey Oration 2009; Excellence in technology award of ISC 2011 ; PC Ray Award 2012 etc.

Fellow of all prestigious academies of country : National Academy of Sciences (FNASc); Fellow of National Academy of Medical Sciences (FAMS); Fellow of Academy of Sciences, Bangalore (FASc); Fellow of Indian Academy of Science (FNA)




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