Dr. R.J. Yadav's Page

Dr. R.J. Yadav
Deputy Director
Institute for Research in Medical Statistics
(Indian Council of Medical Research)
Ansari Nagar
Delhi - 110029
Ph:(R):(91-011)649 3399 (O): 6565636 Fax:6868662

Joined IRMS : December, 1983

Education : M.Sc; Ph.D(Statistics).


Date of Birth               1-1-1954.

Educational Qualifications:

   Ph.D. (Statistics)       1991      Meerut University 
   P.S.C. (Advanced Course  1977      IASRI (ICAR) 
        in Statistics)                New Delhi
   M.Sc.  (Statistics)      1976      Kanpur University
                                      Ist Division,
Research Experience                   Twenty Years.

Puplished papers           
   International Journals      Eight
   National Journals           Twenty
   Scientific Reports/Books    Sixty

Current Employment
   Post held                  Asstt. Director (Statistics)
   Pay Scale                  Rs.12000- 16500
   Present Pay                Rs.13875.00  

Member of scientific bodies
   Treasurer of Indian Society for Medical Statistics.
   Life member of Indian Society for Medical Statistics.
   Member of Computer Society of India.


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