In 1964 a Statistical Unit was created at the ICMR Head Quarters with a strength of five persons, discharged form ICMR adhoc study on Morbidity & Mortality in Delhi state. In 1969 this unit was upgraded into Division of Biostatistics. In 1978 this Division was further upgraded into an independent Institute by Dr. C. Gopalan, then Director General, ICMR with renewed aims and objectives. The Institute is located in a separate building in the campus of ICMR Headquarters, New Delhi. ICMR is located in the campus of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

As per the recommendations of the Advisory Committee setup under the Chairmanship of International fame, Dr.C.R. Rao, four Divisions were created. Major emphasis of activities of the Institute is on goal-oriented statistical research in important areas like the development of a health information system, developing suitable procedures for evaluation of national health programmes and epidemiology of various diseases of national importance. The Institute also organises training programmes for biomedical research for medical scientists as well as statisticians, apart from providing biostatistical services. Since 1991, the Institute has been undertaking sponsored national projects for assessment and evaluation of health & nutrition Programmes of Government of India. For such jobs the Institute is well equipped with a Field Unit and Computer Center. Researchers (MD/ Ph.D students & senior scientists) from Hospitals and Medical Colleges are provided free guidance and consultancy for the study design, data analysis and towards interpretation of their results. The Institute is a recognised center of few Universities for pursuing research in Biostatistics methods and epidemiology.


  1. To help coordinate and standardize the collection of medical health statistics in the country.
  2. To promote and undertake research in statistical techniques and methodology in the field of health, medicine, epidemiology and other allied subjects.
  3. To provide statistical service and assistance to Centre, State and local bodies in handling problems in health and medicine.
  4. To exercise surveillance to ensure the statistical adequacy and validity in the Council's programme.
  5. To conduct training in applied statistics for both statisticians, medical researchers/ personnel.