Dr.(Mrs.) Abha Rani Aggarwal's Page

Dr. Abha Rani Aggarwal
Senior Research Officer
Institute for Research in Medical Statistics
(Indian Council of Medical Research)
Ansari Nagar
Delhi - 110029
Ph:(R):5522356;(O): 6565636,Fax:6868662

Joined IRMS : March, 1983

Education : M.A; Ph.D(Statistics).


Date of Birth/age.           : 14.11.1954

Field of specialisation.     : Sample Survey, Bio-Statistics (case control study)

Basic degree and the         : Ph.D.(Statistics), 

Institution the degree         Rajasthan University(1992)

                             : M.A(Statistics), 
                               Delhi University (1976)

Research Experience  :  22 years

Publications         :  Ten in international /national journals,  Important 
                        among these publications are the following.

1. "Inverse Sampling in case control studies" with Dr. Padam  Singh, 
   "Envirornmetrics Journal" (1991) ,2(3),293-299.

2.  "On  estimation  of relative risk in Case control  studies"  with 
    Dr.Padam Singh, "Biometrical Journal" 34 (1992) 7, 781-788.

3.  "Estimation  of Relative Risk Through logistic Regression  analysis"  
    Dr. Padam Singh, Biometrical journal 35 (1993)4, page  479-485.

4.  "Adoption   of   family  planning   practice    and    associated 
    factors  in  Paharganj  area of Delhi"  "The  Journal  of  Family 
    Welfare" Vol. XXXVI No. 2 1990, 36-42.

5.  "Analysis  of  Adoption Prefrences of Family  Planning  Acceptors     
    through Discriminant factors with Dr. Padam Singh, The Journal of 
    Family Welfare, Vol XXXVII, No. 4, Dec. 1991, 13-18.

6.  "Clinical  and  laboratory  predictor of  Invasive  Diarrhoea  in 
    Children  less  Than Five Years old " journal of  Diarrohea  Res. 
    1993 Dec. ,11 (40. 211-216.

Award Received : Awarded Smt. Suraj Kali Jain award for the best published
                 work in Epidemiology in 1993.
Knowledge of Computers: Trained in advance softwares of Statistical packages,
                        like SPSS,and Windows -98,E-mail and internet etc.

Coordinated seven research projects under the guidance of Director:

Member of Scientific Committted: 
              1.  Life member of Indian Society of Medical Statistics
              2.  Member of Compute Society of India.